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1. Do not be too sure if BC and doctors, not too tight on you and the kids do not, I do at the time of each pregnancy is pregnancy testing and BC (including the mining super-) doctor said that I was small child, it is necessary to supplement nutritional What is also a small sub-I, also a small stomach, I do not how much longer eat meat, the whole process of pregnancy weight gain only 18 kg, remember that children in hospital over several doctors feel that my children are too hungry 6 small enough already, I am afraid, and said enough is now 6 catty little 宝宝, when I heard a very nervous child was born the nurses said that was a little girl I thought it only 3, 4 kg (I am still dizzy anesthesia also not clear), in fact, a child I 55CM, 3560K (standard is 45-50CM, 3000-3500K) is exceeded, and now grow more than one-year-old can be a lovely

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