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1. The reducibility gas such as CH4, C2H2, CaHjand C2H6 can be found in chloroform asphalt extensively, whose content is growth and decline with the oxygenization gas CO2, and all of these show the features about later reformation and redox condition for the chloroform asphalt.

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2. The best homogeneous temperature section of liquid hydrocarbon inclusion is 100-140℃. The fluid is composed of H2O, Cl(superscript -) CO2, CH4 etc, indicating the crudity or low-mature liquid hydrocarbon in Tertiary and the mature or over-mature gas hydrocarbon in Paleozoic and up stratum.

3. In the case of DMS + NO, the photolytic products were CH_3SSCH_3, C_2H_6 and CH_3SNO.

4. The data system reformation not only saves the FTS-20E Fourier Infrared Spectrometer, but also makes the spectrometer getting up to the new level of the nineties. In the case of DMS + NO, the photolytic products were CH_3SSCH_3, C_2H_6 and CH_3SNO.

5. Photocatalysis reaction of CO_2 and C_2H_6 produced mainly propanal, ethanol and acetaldehyde.

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6. The Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulation method is applied to calculate the vapor liquid equilibria of two ternary systems of N 2 CO 2 CH 4 and CH 4 C 2H 6 CO 2 which are frequently encountered in natural gas industry.

7. In this work the authors have measured the adsorption isotherm and the diffusion coefficient of CH_4, C_2H_6 and CO_2 on 4A molecular sieve. They have also measured the breakthrough curve of these components'mixture.

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8. The prediction of breakthrough curve in the coadsorption system of ch_4, c_2h_6 and co_2

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9. Influence of the additions of different type semiconductor oxides to Ni-based catalyst on the characteristics of carbon deposition of CH_4, C_2H_6 and C_2H_4 cracking was studied by using pulse microreaction technique.

10. The effects of other compositions such as CO2, C2H6 and H2S are briefly discussed in the paper.

11. The results showed that, the main adsorption sites for C2H6 are ClO and PO bonds on the surfaces of the catalyst.

12. It is found that in this system H2 and CO are easy to get while C2 products (C2H6 and C2H4) are difficult.

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13. Under appropriate reaction conditions and using proper catalyst, the total yield of ethylene and propylene reaches 36%, and the total yield of H2, CH4 and C2H6 as well as the yield of coke is very low.

14. It was found that the formation rates of CO2, C2H4 and C2H6 increase, but C2 selectivity decreases with increasing the flux of pumping oxygen.

15. For example, the molecular formula for ethane C2H6 indicates that each molecule consists of 2 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms.

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16. With temperature increasing, H2 yield increases but C2H4 and C2H6 decrease, and heating value has a max point.

17. The adsorption and desorption of ethane, propane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen on natural gas adsorbent with high specific surface area were studied. Influence of C_2H_6, C_3H_8, CO_2 and N_2 upon storage capacity of adsorbent were also investigated.

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18. The vent gas of the ethylene oxide has O_2, C_2H_4 and C_2H_6.If C_2H_4 is recovered by PSA, the effects O_2 on the separation performance of the adsorbent must be considered.

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19. Na_2WO_4-Mn/SiO_2 is known as an excellent catalyst for oxidative coupling of methane. Its catalytic performance in thermal cracking dehydrogenation and oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane were investigated.

20. The amount of ethane finally decreases about 20% and its δ 13 C value increases about 3 ‰ at 288 h;

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