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1. Some problems wereexplicitly treated including spin tickling, isotropicmixing in systems of two coupled nuclei (I=1/2), dipolarevolution and strongly coupled AB and ABX spin systems.

2. Perovskite ferroelectrics have two forms in displacive phase transition.
钙钛矿型结构是分子式为 ABX3其中 A 和 B

3. (1) Oxidative/antioxidative reactions, inflammatory reactions, apoptosis in lung are involved in the pathogenesis of HILI; (2) ABX, rHuEPO have protective effects on HILI respectively; (3) Hyperoxia can increase VILI in rats, but has little effects with low tidal volume mechanical ventilation.

4. The system, called ABX Pentra ML, is designed for use with the hematology analyzers of Horiba ABX.
这套系统叫做ABX Pentra ML,设计与Horiba ABX血液学分析仪配套使用。

5. 911查询·英语单词

5. The ABX Pentra DF 120 offers 32 parameters and 120 samples per hour, while an expert validation station provides automatic confirmation and validation of results.
ABX Pentra DF120每小时提供32种参数处理120例样本,同时一个专家确认工作站能够自动对结果进行确认以及验证。

6. The ABX Pentra ML allows any model from the company`s ABX Pentra or Micros hematology analyzer line to be linked in any combination.
ABX Pentra ML允许该公司任何型号的ABX Pentra或者Micros血液分析仪通过任何方式进行连接。

7. Horiba has launched a new line of ABX Pentra 120 analyzers that incorporate exclusive technology called Double Diff Matrix.
Horiba使用ABX Pentra120分析仪,整合了叫做Double Diff Matrix的独特工艺。

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8. The port rotation ABX is: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Nansha, Port Kelang, Istanbul, Constanza, Ilyichevsk and Shanghai.

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9. Next we have ABx2-AM-ABar, regardless of proc with 4228 dps, 1.2 dpm, 165 mps.
下面我们用2奥冲-奥弹-弹幕,无视特效的话是4228 dps,1.2 dpm,165 mps。

10. In the acidic medium, azocarmine B (ABX) can bind rapidly with protein at room temperature forming a complex, which has a maximum absorption wavelength at 570 nm, and exhibits a bathochromic shift of 50 nm compared with the maximum absorption wavelength of ABX.

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11. To take one example: at the beginning of 2007, the ABX index - compiled from the price of protecting against default - implied that virtually no subprime mortgages would default.

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12. Comparison between instrument of three-population hematology analyzer ABX micros 60 and microscopic examination of blood film for leukocyte classification

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13. The relative signs of coupling constants in ABX system for isophytol were determined using two methods of double resonance: selective spin decoupling and spin tickling methods.

14. The analysis shows that the degradation reaction of PP is caused by PP macro-radical, which is produced under the effects of the initiator DCP and the MAH. The reason of why the assistant ABX could reduce the degradation reaction of PP is that, on the one hand, electron-donating group of the assistant ABX could reduce the free radical transfer reaction inner and inter the molecules of PP, which works as the negative catalyst, on the other hand, the assistant ABX could reduce the activity of excited state molecules of MAH.

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15. The relationship between the positions of each transition in ABX system and their relative signs of coupling constants in NMR

16. The results showed that the vinyl ester of disproportionated rosin consisted mainly of vinyl ester of dihydroabietic acid and dehydroabietic acid in 3:4 (wt), their vinyl group was a typical ABX system in the NMR.

17. The double bond on the cycle of vinyl ester of dihydroabietic acid could not be found in firmly place by it's NMR spectrum due to having three isomers.

18. The vinyl group in the vinyl ester is a typical ABX system in NMR, other spectral characteristics are the same as in maleopimaric acid.

19. For although mortgage bonds have not traded much in recent weeks, derivatives have been bought and sold meaning that the ABX can offer a trading price.

20. Results indicated that 10 Pseudomonas strains promoted the propagation of ABX and vice versa, revealing a mutualistic symbiotic relationship between the two organisms.

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