rains,是什么意思 rains,在线翻译 rains,什么意思 r

rains,是什么意思 rains,在线翻译 rains,什么意思 r摘抄日记

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1. Take an umbrella or rain cape with you in case it rains.

2. The clouds, rains, bells, apes, cranes, springs, temples and other images together, give understanding performance of philosophy and ideas of space mountain from the aspects of vocal, visual and aesthetic effects.

3. These higher temperatures brought heavy and sustained rains, cloud cover and warmer air to much of the Horn of Africa.

4. Is, Heavy rains, but many fans, owners and girls soccer darling of umbrellas in coastal areas.

5. rains,

5. As a result, most dirt washes off easily without streaking whenever it rains.

6. We had already sweat, when the clouds seem to fear us cold, rains covered us gently, grasslands, the autumn, only three of us, and Yuner for the childhood game.

7. rains,的意思

7. To judge from the rains of Palmyra, it must once have been a beautiful city.

8. In the behavior aspect, lunar New Year's Day the death anniversary breaks the dishes, envies the lamp oil to sprinkle, envies the backless stool to fall to the ground, will otherwise have the ominous matter in the new year, this is the regional universal existence taboo, in Hunan, the death anniversary pays new year's call before the bed, this meant master year to year sickness cannot lie, first day arrives the third day, in the Han Nationality, Gelao national minority, the Tujia national minority some area death anniversary carries water, splashes water, the meaning is feared farms, goes out often rains.

9. When it rains, I usually go to school by bus.

10. Dwinding rains in the Ethiopian highlands would have meant fewer plants to stablise the soil.

11. rains,

11. Thought, it is time for rains.

12. In fact, it is a love of the storm rains.

13. rains,的解释

13. If it rains, I go to school on foot. If I get low marks in the tests, my parents get angry with me.

14. rains,的解释

14. So if it rains, i'm ready.

15. It rains and the wind is never weary; My though still cling to the moldering past

16. rains,的翻译

16. Take her inside, if it rains, your hair will be over.

17. rains,

17. The subordinate clause of a conditional sentence, as if it rains in The game will be canceled if it rains.

18. Through howling winds and driving rains, to be by your side.

19. It's the real drop all of the rains which wetted me!

20. rains,是什么意思

20. In all of the rain, the real drop all of the rains which wetted me!

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