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1. If I were in a movie, then it would be about time that I ________ my head in my hands for a cry.

A. bury B. am burying C. buried D. would bury

2. As I’ll be away for at least one year, I’d appreciate _______ from you now and then.

A《新概念英语》第三册评估试卷. hearing B. to hear C. to be hearing D. having heard

3. Greatly agitated, I rushed back to the apartment and tried to door, ________ to find it locked.

A. just B. only C. hence D. thus

4. Smoking is so harmful to personal health that it kills ______ people each year than traffic accidents.

A. seven more times B. seven times more C. over seven times D. seven times

5. The city is an important railroad ______ and industrial and convention center.

A. conjunction B. network C. junction D. link

6. The judge ruled that the evidence was inadmissible on the grounds that it was ______ to the issue at hand.

A. irrational B. unreasonable C. invalid D. irrelevant

7. Doing homework is certainly a way to improve your test scores, especially ______ it comes to examinations.

A. before B. when C. as D. since

8. _______ from his voice, he is a kind and considerate person.

A. Judged B. Being judged C. Having been judged D. Judging

9. Language, culture and personality may be considered ______ of each other in thought, they are inseparable in fact.

A. indistinctively B. separately C. irrelevantly D. independently

10. - Why did you pull me ______? I don't think I broke any laws, officer.

- My radar says your speed was 237 km/hr. Are you practicing for Indiana 500?

A. up B. down C. over D. in

11. In his first year at the university, Tom _______ the board and won all the scholarships offered by his department.

A. pulled B. swept C. covered D. took

12. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds ______ his argument in favor of the new theory.

A. on which to base B. to base on which C. which to base on D. which to be based on

13. By the time you arrive in London, we ______ in Britain for two weeks.

A. shall stay B. have been staying C. will have stayed D. have stayed

14. _______ several years for bamboo seeds to grow into plants that can be used for commercial purposes.

A. to be taken B. Although taking C. This takes D. It takes

15. Experiments in photography of moving objects ______ in both the United States and Europe well before 1900.

A. had been conducted B. had been conducting C. were conducted D. were conducting

16. John did best in the final examination in his class, ________.

A. he should have studied hard

B. he should study hard

C. he must have studied hard

D. he must had to study hard

17. - Bob wants to sell you his old radio.

- I know. He’s already suggested ________.

A. me that B. me C. to me that D. that me

18. Mercury differs from other industrial metals _____ it is a liquid.

A. while B. in that C. because of D. consequently

19. Conversation becomes weaker in society that spends so much time listening and being talked to ______ it has all but lost the will and the skill to speak for itself.

A. as B. which C. that D. what

20. The future of the company is ______; many of its talented employees are flowing into more profitable net-based businesses.

A. at loss B. in vain C. in trouble D. at stake

21. The way ______ political campaigns are conducted varies widely from country to country.

A. which for B. in that C. in which D. when

22. The computer has dramatically influenced ______ photographic lenses are constructed.

A. is the way B. the way C. the way that D. which way

23. The crime was discovered 48 hours later, ______ gave the criminals plenty of time to get away.

A. which B. so C. that D. what

24. When a bacterium becomes too large, it splits in half and forms two new bacteria, ____ its own cell walls and protoplasm.

A. each have B. each with C. with each D. each has

25. _____, the fish is prized for its taste.

A. Ugly-looking as it is B. It is ugly-looking C. Ugly-looking it is D. Ugly-looking is it

26. The comet had first been seen and recorded in books in China. ______ it has been seen from the Earth 29 times.

A. after B. because C. that is D. since then

27. – What is he?

- He is ______.

A. a poet and a novelist B. the poet and novelist C. poet and novelist D. the poet and the novelist

28. Donald contributed one hundred dollars, and he wishes to contribute _____.

A. one other fifty dollars B. the same amount also C. another fifty D. more fifty dollars

29. It was _____ that we had gone for a walk.

A. so beautiful day B. such beautiful a day C. so beautiful day D. such a beautiful day

30. I’m so tired. I really think I should stop ______ and go to bed.

A. to work B. working C. of working D. from studying

31. Last night, I seemed ______ someone knock at the door.

A. hear B. to hear C. to have heard D. having heard

32. It seems to me that he is a man with no sense of humor _____.

A. nevertheless B. whatsoever C. no matter what D. whatever

33. I don’t think that your watch is _____.

A. worthy the price B. worth the price C. worth of the price D. worthy to buy

34. – It took me only twenty minutes to reach the city from here.

- Did you drive _____?

A. that fast B. as fast C. with such fastness D. like that fast

35. Despite all his talent, he is not _____ a writer.

A. adequate B. quite to C. somewhat D. much of

36. She is older than _______.

A. any girl in the group B. any other girl in the group

C. any other girls in the group D. all girls in the group

37. Gorillas are quiet animals, _____ they are capable of making about 20 different sounds.

A. whether B. which C. even though D. as well as

38. The reason that I didn’t go to France was ______ a new job.

A. because I got B. because of getting C. due to D. that I got

39. I will try to finish this book ______.

A. up until you come B. before you come

C. up to the time you come D. until you come

40. If the United States had not entered the Second World War, probably the 1940 unemployment rate of 14% ______ still further.

A. would rise B. would have risen C rose D. had risen

41. The lawyer advised him to drop the _______, since he stands little chance to win.

A. event  B. incident  C. case D. affair

42. In my opinion he's ____ the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets.

A. in all B. at best C. for all D. by far   

43. This research has attracted wide ____ coverage and has featured on BBC television's Tomorrow's World.

A. message B. information C. media D. data  

44. The energy ____ by the chain reaction is transformed into heat.

A. transferred B. released C. delivered D. conveyed   

45. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play ________ roles in raising children.

A. incapable  B. indispensable  C. insensible  D. infinite

46. There is no _______ to the house from the main road.

A. access  B. avenue  C. exposure  D. edge

47. The author of the report is well ________ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years.

A. informed B. acquainted C. enlightened D. acknowledged

48. The mother didn't know who ________ for the broken glass.

A. blamed  B. be blamed C. to blame D. would blame

49. We'd like to ____ a table for five for dinner this evening.

A. preserve B. reserve C. retain D. sustain

50. He didn't have time to read the report word for word he just ____ it.

A. skimmed B. observed C. overlooked D. glanced





1. 做对了80%以上的题目:您对于该册的内容或者其相应难度的英语知识掌握得比较透彻。趁热打铁,如果你此时参加四册的学习班,您的英语水平定将会上一个新台阶。

2. 做对了60%到79%的题目:您已基本掌握了三册的知识,可以参加四册的培训班,但您的英语基础还不够扎实牢固,建议您在学习四册的同时,不能松懈对三册的滚动式复习,两本书双管齐下,才能起到良好的效果。

3. 只做对了不到60%的题目:说明您的英语还有很多漏洞。小洞不补,大洞吃苦。强烈建议您报读三册的学习班!


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