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1. Sum up in general the characteristics shared by HJH dialects and its internal differences by using the method of the traditional dialectology, with its emphasis laid on one focal place chosen from each of the four areas.

2. In HJH dialects, the phenomenon of cizhuoshang belongs to yinshang and in other tone types, the phenomenon of cizhuozh belonging to yindiao but not to yangdiao is comparatively common; its forms are varied as well as important.

3. This dissertation, based on the on-the-spot study and research, give a comprehensive account of the HJH dialects and a detailed analysis of its peculiar phonological properties.

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4. The tone-split by aspiration in HJH dialects not only embrace all the types of it found so far in all the Chinese dialects, but also has their own peculiarities.

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5. There exist the tone-split by aspiration phenomenon in the dialects of four cities: Jiaxing, Jiashan, Pinghu and Haiyan in HJH areas.

6. With the rapid development of agriculture in Zhejiang province, the management of soil nutrients in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou (HJH) water-net plain is directly connected with the crop yield and agricultural non-point source pollution.

7. As a matter of fact, in HJH dialects, there exists quite a few phonological properties still unknown to people, thus providing an important referential value for a further profound study of the Wu Dialect.

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