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criss-cross是什么意思 criss-cross在线翻译 criss-cros写一首诗

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1. criss-cross的意思

1. Around the city are green mountains and in the city are many lakes. The air and water here are of best quality. Rivers criss-cross in the city.

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2. With a peep toe design and criss-cross vamp straps, what really makes these slingbacks shine is that their platform sole is mostly concealed.

3. Criss-Cross Intdernational Capital Group LLP was founded in 2002 collectively by Ms. Magarete Leu and Dr. Forbes.
美国纵横国际资本集团公司由Magarete Leu女士和Forbes博士于2002年建立。

4. 911查询·英语单词

4. The actual base area would be smaller than area needed due to the criss-cross at the midst and the overlap at edges.

5. criss-cross的反义词

5. All of these have shaped the criss-cross traffic network of Ningxiang County.

6. A crack suddenly appeared in only the pale color of the palm, and then one after another in numerous cracks criss-cross...

7. Electric networks criss-cross the whole island.

8. If West plays the four or the six, you will try for the criss-cross Squeeze.

9. Aquilegia carrying farmers plow, cattle holding, carrying a bag to criss-cross paths.

10. Vermont Wei Nushi city in the United States, people with a very light weight, rugged than steel, but also translucent plexiglass bubble for umbrella surface, with criss-cross made of large metal skeleton, using a large motor to manipulate a high 67 meters, an area of 4, 000 square meters of the world's largest Jusan, this umbrella has become the U. S. sightseeing attractions.

11. She has not an ordinary old, sparse white hair barely covered his head and lost all the teeth, mouth shriveled shriveled to protrude forward, his face criss-cross wrinkles.

12. It is criss-cross and stretching and undulating on the vast land in China.
它是criss-cross 和舒展和波浪起伏的在浩大的土地在中国。

13. Wires criss-cross between the tops of the poles, forming a grid

14. Mark the loaf with the prongs of a fork in a criss-cross pattern.

15. Criss-Cross International Capital Group LLC a Smooth Link To Global Capital Market.


16. You see, the laurel tree trunks smooth impression that incredible, laurel branches criss-cross, the thick branches and leaves woven into a green predominant for us to block the sun.

17. Positive Effect on Chinese Study of the National Minority Students Exerted by the Criss-cross of Chinese Input Method & Taking Yili Normal University for Example

18. Slash the tops of the loaves with a sharp serrated knife in a criss-cross pattern.

19. Overlooking the Severn Estuary with views across to Somerset and Devon, it was designed by Robert Trent Jones Snr and is named after the many Roman roads that criss-cross it, the design shaped to avoid disrupting any remains.
眺望赛弗恩河口到盛捷和德文郡,路线是由Robert Trent Jones Snr设计以许多罗马路纵横交错而命名,球道设计上以避免破坏遗迹又保留其独特的历史景观为主。

20. The purpose of the research was to build a criss-cross historical structure for the studies of early Chinese films, so as to put these studies in a complete time period and an interlaced social network.

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