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1. 腺体在线翻译

1. 该疾病的特征是增生腺体大小与形状的多样性以及细胞不典型增生的可能性,后者可进一步发展形成子宫内膜癌。
The disorder is characterized by variation in the size and shape of the proliferating glands and the potential for cytological atypia, which may progress to endometrial cancer.

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2. 神经是一条或一束纤维连接脑、脊髓与眼睛、耳朵、肌肉、腺体,和身体的其他部分。
Nerve is a fiber or bundle of fibers connecting the brain or spinal cord with the eyes, ears, muscles, glands, and other parts of the body.

3. 摘要无生殖腺体侵犯之原发性纵膈腔生殖芽细胞肿瘤为罕见之肿瘤,一般分为良性成熟畸胎瘤及包含精细胞瘤和非精细胞瘤在内的恶性肿瘤。
Primary mediastinal germ-cell tumors without gonadal involvement are rare and can be divided into benign mature teratoma and malignant seminoma or nonseminoma.

4. 扁桃体炎是一种炎症扁桃腺,这是小腺体,位于后面的您的咽喉。
Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils, which are small glands located at the back of your throat.

5. 叶片、花瓣中分泌细胞团腺体的数量最多,萼片中的次之。
The number of secretory nodule of leaf and petal is much more than that in sepal.

6. taiwanianum与在标本上具1或2每边的边缘腺体缘毛的更典型类型相关。
Taiwanianum are linked to the more typical forms by specimens with one or two glandular cilia on each sepal margin.

7. 观察了不同月龄 SD大鼠空肠绒毛粘膜上皮及小肠腺上皮中杯形细胞的分布及数量变化,并统计测量了不同月龄大鼠空肠绒毛高度、宽度变化及腺体长短径的变化。
The number of goblet cell in the same group are decrease from the bottom to the top of the villi.

8. 这个腺体产生大量的粘性液体精液。
This gland produces much of the viscous fluid in the semen.

9. 叶柄5-10毫米,正面具沟;叶片革质,长圆形,椭圆状长圆形,或卵状披针形,9-18 * 3-7厘米,幼叶浅红色,老叶绿色,无毛,基部宽楔形或圆形,背面通常具2腺体,先端渐尖;侧脉6或7 对。
Petiole 5-10 mm, canaliculate adaxially; leaf blade leathery, oblong, elliptic-oblong, or ovate-lanceolate, 9-18 × 3-7 cm, young leaves light red, pubescent, old leaves green, glabrous, base broadly cuneate or rounded, abaxially often with 2 glands, apex acuminate; lateral veins 6 or 7 pairs.

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10. 收集了病理证实甲状旁腺腺瘤12例、腺体增生3例、腺癌1例,其中伴有尿路结石13例,并伴有高血钙低血磷,均行头颅、胸部、骨盆、股骨、双手X线检查。
Methods:Radiograms of skull, chest, pelvis, femur and both hands were taken in all cases, which were diagnosed as hyperparathyroidism pathologically.12 cases of those patients were parathyroidoma, 3 parathyroid hyperplasia and 1 parathyroid carcinoma with complications such as urinary calculi, calcemia and hypophosphatemia.

11. 结果AR组大鼠鼻粘膜中纤毛出现倒伏和脱落,基底细胞增加,上皮增高,肥大细胞增殖,腺体增生且分泌旺盛,血液中嗜酸性粒细胞增多,而正常组和假处理组的鼻粘膜结构正常,细胞排列整齐,无纤毛倒伏和脱落及炎性细胞的增殖。
Results there were loss and down of the cilia, increasing of the master cell, lympha cell and EOS, hyperplasia of basal cells, and increased height of the cylindric cell in different degree in nasal mucosa of AR. Although the nosal mucosa of nomal and negative control groups shown the much typical appearance of a pseudostraified columnar ciliated epithelium or basal layer, without cilia loss and increasing of inflammatory cell.

12. 腺体的反义词

12. 当然,我们是个别的来说,我们没有把它提升到它应该散播的地方,因为请记住它是从我们的身体已知的腺体升起,例如Leydig腺,或者到达Leydig腺并通过再生的驱策力自身,这个再生的驱策力恰恰是一个人里面生命本身的最本质--明白了?
We are speaking individually, of course; we haven`t raised it to where it may be disseminated, for remember it rises from the glands known in the body as the lyden, or to the lyden and through the reproductive forces themselves, which are the very essence of Life itself within an individual - see?

13. 当然,我们是个别的来说,我们没有把它提升到它应该散播的地方,因为请记住它是从我们的身体已知的腺体升起,例如leydig 腺,或者到达leydig腺并通过再生的驱策力自身,这个再生的驱策力恰恰是1个人里面生命本身的最本质--明白了?
We are speaking individually, of course; we haven`t raised it to where it may be disseminated, for remember it rises from the glands known in the body as the lyden, or to the lyden and through the reproductive forces themselves, which are the very essence of life itself within an individual - see?

14. 猪的内脏和腺体可以提制多种医药品。
Pig's internal organs and glands can extract a variety of pharmaceuticals.

15. 对11例乳房下皱襞不对称患者,采用乳晕上缘半环形切口,游离乳房后间隙,根据双侧不对称的差值,将过低侧乳房的上极腺体组织弧形切除并向上与胸肌筋膜缝合固定(其中9例同期行隆乳术),切口上缘皮肤作适当切除。
Methods 11 cases with asymmetry of the submammary fold were treated with the semi-periareolar insion, and separated the retromammary space, and then cutted up-part of the breast tissue according to the value of asymmetry and fixed upward, and incised part of the skin also(9 cases were done mama augmentation simultaneously).

16. 腺体的解释

16. 结果 挤压法得到的小鼠子宫内膜呈圆形条状;子宫内膜组织结构完整,具有内膜上皮并包含腺体、血管的基质;意外发现子宫系膜侧的子宫内膜缺损。
Results The endometrium by squeezing was in the shape of cylinde r with integrated tissue structure including endometrial epithelium, gland and capillary. Moreover the endometrium situated in the mesometrium was incomplete.

17. 逆针逆灸关元穴后,大鼠子宫内膜的大部分被单层柱状上皮被覆,固有层的基质细胞、腺体和血管比较多,有少量纤维结缔组织。
The muscular layer incrassates relatively. There are lymphatic-like cell infiltrating and more blood vessel. There are little fiber connective tissue.

18. 背景:腮腺和下颌下腺为3大唾液腺体中的两对,虽知其交感神经的来源为上颈神经节,但是在这些交感神经进入此2腺体的分布情况,则仍待探索。
Background: The parotid and submandibular glands are two of the three major salivary glands. Although the postganglionic sympathetic fibers are know to be from the superior cervical ganglion, the distribution of the sympathetic fibers in these glands still needs additional study.

19. 腺体的近义词

19. 因为这些腺体能消除脓液,脓是由吲哚酚引起厌氧菌的结果。
Because these glands expell the puss that is a result of anaerobic bacteria that cause indoxyl.

20. 或它可以发生从一个障碍的垂体,提示这些腺体,以overproduce 。
Or it can occur from a disorder of the pituitary gland that prompts these glands to overproduce.

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