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1. a vacation

1. I had a trip to Beijing last summer vacation.

2. I am in my summer vacation, and I hope to get a job to earn some money.

3. If I go on vacation to a beach or something like that, there is no author that I know will be quite as enjoyable as Murakami.

4. For them the working hours are never long enough. Each day is a holiday, and ordinary holidays when they come are grudged as enforced interruptio in an a orbing vacation.

5. And now we are on summer vacation, we are gonna have a good rest in one and half month. FYI.

6. Their housekeeper told me that the master was on vacation, and wouldn't be for half a month.

7. We together with the Central Committee of the youth league had a science and technology camp with thousands of people during summer vacation in 2001. To suit the flourishing development of traveling and meet the need of market economy, we organized ourselves again in 2003 including Beijing Railway international Travel Service, Xin Da Co.

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8. 976 You are bound to have a vacation.

9. The Greek island of Santorini inthe Aegean Sea is a popular vacation spot, unparalleled in its beauty, but with a violent past.

10. a vacation的翻译

10. You look like you need a vacation.

11. a vacation的解释

11. The summer vacation is coming, and for many people that means a chance to stay with their family.

12. MBA. on a summer vacation, at the age of twenty i came across him who, once fell in love to him, told me that he had passed the postgraduate examination. on hearing that i felt further frustrated by his prograss and couldn't stand weeping sadly for not thinking he could have a look on my ability. after thirty i kept trying to get a false diploma of MBA

13. Before leaving on vacation, a German couple set up a loudspeaker and timer rigged to blast their neighbors with the sound of a crowing cock every morning.

14. a vacation

14. Have a holiday, the mood of waiting for bus and going to work seems special too and relaxed, the car is special and free today, there are very few people standing, perhaps people are all conserving strength and store up energy for this vacation, get on the bus and arrange bunch backward, have a seat, mood has all been dispersed, happiness is so simple.

15. Some job hunters weighing lower offers bargain for alternative rewards, such as flexible hours, extra vacation, special training or a gym membership.

16. We provide fringe benefits such as annual bonus, three-week paid vacation a year, and health insurance.

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17. Webcams offer owners vicarious vacations Chicago Tribune, United States - 55 minutes ago Using a $10.95-a-month Web service called Rogo, Bill Edwards of Raleigh, NC, checks out the doings at his Wrightsville Beach, NC, vacation home...
摄像头业主提供替代休假芝加哥论坛报,美国-5 5分钟前用1 0.95美元,每月W eb服务要求罗戈,比尔爱德华兹的北卡州R aleigh,检查了他的所作所为赖茨维尔泳滩,数控,假期回家。

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18. Having worked hard for a semester, students are tired in the summer time and should have a good rest, travelling, tasting the outside world 2 summer vacation is a time for addressing gaps.

19. I`m a student in my summer vacation.

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20. Do you remember what a good vacation we had last yeat?

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