embarrassment是什么意思 embarrassment在线翻译 embarr

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1. 尴尬;难堪;窘迫
Embarrassment is the feeling you have when you are embarrassed.

e.g. It is a source of embarrassment to Londoners that the standard of pubs is so low...
e.g. I think I would have died of embarrassment...

2. 麻烦;难题;难堪的事
An embarrassment is an action, event, or situation which causes problems for a politician, political party, government, or other public group.


e.g. The poverty figures were undoubtedly an embarrassment to the president.

3. 使人为难(或难堪)的人
If you refer to a person as an embarrassment, you mean that you disapprove of them but cannot avoid your connection with them.


e.g. You have been an embarrassment to us from the day Douglas married you.

4. 好东西太多而成了问题
If you say that someone has an embarrassment of riches, you mean that they have so many good things that these things are a problem.

e.g. The art gallery's problem is an embarrassment of riches, with nowhere to put most of them.

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