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1. BURT to

1. Burt's Bees is one of the main supporters of the standard, providing $1 million to raise awareness of the standard and NPA logo.

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2. For the film, Allen has written sketches starring Burt Reynolds, Heather MacRae, Lynn Redgrave and John Carradine as victims of everything from satyriasis to frigidity.
同时片中还有很多大腕客串,Burt Reynolds,Heather MacRae,Lynn Redgrave 和 John Carradine都扮演了由色情狂变为性冷淡的受害者。

3. I have mixed feelings about it not having sunscreen in it - I feel good not applying sunscreen to my lips all day while I am indoors, but when I go out I have to either use another product that has sunscreen, or apply it over Burt's.

4. I have tried so many products on my extra sensitive dry painful eczema skin and this baby cream makes me say ahhh. I just received it today and tried it and it feels like a touch of heaven. I am so thankful to have found it. I love Burt's Bees!!! And the scent is so light and pleasant. I just love it!
Nancy,Capron,VA on October 2,2007我是敏感性的干性皮肤,试过很多种产品了,只有这款小蜜蜂的婴儿润肤霜让我满意,刚刚买到东东后就试了,太棒了,感觉就像上了天堂~爱死小蜜蜂了,这种感觉很轻柔很愉悦!

5. Jane and Burt would call their parents and ask them to send money.

6. And her secretary told me, Burt, I have to tell you bad news.

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7. I have been using Burt's Bees products for about 10 years and was so happy to find this shampoo.

8. Burt's Burgers Inc, has shown increase profits over the past five years, and the corporate headquarters has approved a budget to test market new products.

9. And how does it feel to live without sugar for a while? Jason Burt said that for a month they felt groggy.

10. The market is not going to care about the absolute numbers, it is going to care about guidance, said Burt White, chief investment officer at LPL Financial, a network of broker-dealers.

11. At 1:00 pm. I switched to the cable channel and watched a movie with Jane Fonda and Burt Reynolds.

12. Textiles & Test control reference and fading standard for tests of colour-fastness to nitrogen oxides and burt gas fumes

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13. Sir Peter Burt, former chief executive of Bank of Scotland, is being lined up to become its chairman, with the remaining board members said to be experienced in banking and risk management, including a former senior regulator of the financial services authority.

14. The consumer response was positive, so Mike is pushing for Burt's Burgers to introduce this improved product.

15. However, Jack is reluctant to speak out against his boss, who is highly respected, longtime employee of Burt's Burgers.

16. He wants to do extensive market research before making the decision to go ahead with the Burt's Barbecue Burger.

17. Burt immigrated to the United States from Cambodia and founded the Charya Burt Cambodian Dance organization in1993.

18. Burt continues to dedicate herself to assuring that the tradition in which she was trained grows and flourishes.

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19. And her secretary told me, " Burt, I have to tell you bad news. "

20. Burt, I hope you're going to stop soon.

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