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1. Important cool summer grasses include species of Agrostis, Festuca, Lolium (ryegrass; the most important sports grass), and Poa (meadow-grass or bluegrass).
重要的凉夏草,包括种agrostis,( Festuca ,花黑麦草(黑麦草;最重要的体育草),早熟禾。

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2. The formula of complexes is RE 3·Phen(RE=Nd, Gd, Dy, Lu, POA=phenoxyacetic acid; phen=1, 10 phenanthroline), with 8 ligand number of RE 3+.
确定了配合物中 RE3+与 POA-、Phen之间的成键特性。配合物通式为 RE 3· Phen,配合物中 RE3+为 8配位。

3. The compound application of uniconazole(10, 20, 50, 100150 mg/L) with FeSO_450 mg/L and CaCO_320 mg/L and the effect of the lawn of poa pratensis on several drought-correlation physiological index were studied.
研究了烯效唑(10、20、50、100、150 mg/L)与FeSO450 mg/L和CaCO320 mg/L复合应用,叶面喷施处理草地早熟禾对几种抗旱相关生理指标的影响。

4. The stomas of Poa pratensis L. treated with different concentrations of S3007 were observed with SEM.

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5. It suggests that higher POD activities and leaf water content may be important indicators associated with tolerance of heat and drought stress in Poa pratensis.

6. Transformation of glucose oxidase gene from Aspergillus niger into Kentucky bluegrass Abstract Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis L.
黑曲霉葡萄糖氧化酶基因转化草地早熟禾的研究摘要草地早熟禾Poa pratensis L。

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7. Distinctness testing; uniformity testing; stability testing; Poa pratensis; China

8. In pot experiment with cold-season turfgrass Festuca arundinacea Schreb. and Poa pratensis L. as tested materials, 4 treatments of low, middle and high concentrations of Proxy, and clean water were used so as to study the effects of different concentrations of Proxy on the plant height, clipping dry weight and growth pattern of turfgrass under the climate conditions in north China.
方法]以冷季型草坪草高羊茅和草地早熟禾为试验材料,盆栽试验设低浓度Proxy、中浓度Proxy、高浓度Proxy和清水 4个处理,研究不同浓度Proxy在我国北方气候条件下对草坪草株高、草屑量和生长格局的影响。

9. Effects of traffic stress on the underground biomass and soil physical properties of three turf grasses (Poa pratensis, Fistuca arundinacea, Zoysia japonica) are studied.

10. Plants without rhizomes (or at most with poorly developed lateral shoots, or short upward-directed bladeless shoots, or somewhat stoloniferous in riparian forms of Poa palustris culms usually closely clustered, nodes and internodes not or only sl
没有根状茎的植株 or!at大多数具发育不良侧枝,通常接近的秆簇生,节和节间的并非或只sl

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11. After the third year, with the development of biological soil crust, the plant community species were abundant, such as Setaria viridis, Artemisia scoparia, Poa sphondylodes, Stipa bungeana, Tripolium vulgare, Heteropappus altaicus, Lespedeza daurica.
退耕3 a后,土壤结皮逐渐发育,限制了沙蓬种子的萌发,其他物种趁机占领沙蓬的生态位,群落组成相对丰富,主要植物种有黄花蒿、狗尾草、铁杆蒿、达乌里胡枝子及杠柳。

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12. If part of the reason for rebuilding is to eliminate Poa annua in the greens, has Poa been controlled on the rest of the course?

13. Penncross had twice as much Poa annua, Seaside three times as much, and colonial bentgrass four times.

14. In three experimented species, the effect of water extract from host plant on Poa annua and Brassia campestris were more significant than Basella rubra.
结果表明:(1)加拿大一枝黄花地上部分的化感作用是存在的;(2)高浓度的加拿大一枝黄花水浸提液对3种植物种子的萌发特性(终萌发率、发芽速率和发芽动态)均有明显的抑制作用,其中Poa annua和Brassia campestris受到的影响比Basella rubra较为明显。

15. The results of different type SGBF experiments showed that all of the experimental SGBFs with different nutrient concentrations significantly improved the growth of both Brassica Campestris and Poa annua Linn turf. The fresh weight and dry weight of both Brassica Campestris and lawn grass were higher than that of treatments with equal nutrient chemical fertilizer in various degrees, and the contents of total N, K, and chlorophyll of rape increased too in the SGBF treatments. SGBF improved both yield and quality of the crops.

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16. A study was carried out to explicate the characteristics of Pb uptake by four herbaceous(Lolium perenne, Cynodon dactylon, Poa annua, Agrostis stolonifera)in acid yellow soils, in order to provide scientific basis for improvement of the ecological environment.

17. Poa annua resistance was confirmed in a fairway-height wear trial at the University of Wisconsin O. J.
o 威斯康星大学O.J。

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18. Beckmannia syzigachne had negative association with Poa annua, Malachium aquaticum and Stellaria alsine, and had positive association with Ranunculus sceleratus and Mazus japonicus, etc.

19. Combining concrete datas and restriction condition of qinjiang river, this dissertation uses POA to resolve the objective to maximize the benefit production on short-term optimal dispatching about cascaded hydroplants, giving concret account step and flow chart, adopt object-oriented method to program and then analysis and sums up these computing results.

20. This weed population had a wider niche breadth, the second widest among 12 major weed populations in weed community, and had bigger niche overlap with Stellaria alsine, Alopecurus acquallis, Malachium aquaticum, Poa annua, Polygonum persicaria and Lapsana apogonoides. In rape, wheat or fallow, B.

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