AME.是什么意思 AME.在线翻译 AME.什么意思 AME.的意

AME.是什么意思 AME.在线翻译 AME.什么意思 AME.的意我爱读书

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1. AME.的意思

1. He's not very reliable, but I like him ju s t the s ame.

2. Italian cro s s - s titch and Montenegrin s titch are rever s ible, meaning the work look s the s ame on both s ide s.

3. Thank the fl ame for i ts l i ght, but do not forget the l amphol der standi ng i n the shade wi th constancy of pati ence.

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4. I can`t write my ame.

5. I think the s ame about the matter.

6. Don't cry because it ame to an end. Smile because it happened.

7. I would do the s ame again.

8. The author's n ame is on the cover of the book.

9. You've got the s ame s hoe s a s me.

10. The periphrastic future is about twice as frequent in AmE as in BrE.
在迂回的未来的两倍左右经常在AmE在BrE 。

11. Then ame a live auction, which raised even more money for the 619 Fund.

12. ItS not fair to b1ame me--itS not my fau1t that we 1ost.

13. This a rt icle attempts to find out their successive features which may be traced to the s ame origin by analyin...

14. Eventually, in this thesis, the SRSG model, AME and AE models are integrated to be a stochastic rainfall generation model associated with varying time-scale rainfall data. This model can add hourly rainfall data composed of rainstorm characteristics simulated by the SRSG model to modify the quantiles relationship between total daily rainfall and the associated t-hr maximum rainfall. Using the modified quantiles relationship, the AME and AE models can estimate more reliable rainfall DDF relationships of storm durations of interest. Furthermore, the simulated rainfall series by the SRSG model can be applied to risk reliability analysis for the design of hydrosystem infrastructures and water resource planning requiring rainfall DDF relationships.

15. 911查询·英语单词

15. This method evaluates the performance of a heat pump system and points out how to ame...

16. The AME award winning campaign was centered around a publicity based event featuring 600 people posing naked on the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland photographed by U. S.

17. Soon Shadow and Wednesday will be swe pt up into a conflict as old as humanity itself. For beneath the placid surfac e of everyday life a war is being fought-and the prize is the very soul of Ame rica. As unsettling as it is exhilarating, American Gods is a dark and kaleido scopic journey deep into myth and across an America at once eerily familiar an d utterly alien.
仅有一些硬币技巧(coin tricks:知道是什么意思但不知道如何翻译)和一种要达到目的的感觉,Shadow 穿越,徘徊,从事物可见的表面底下,挖掘出所有强大的神祗,包括当美国人飘洋过海来到这块土地时带来的以及原本就在这块土地上的。

18. In AmE, the phrases aside from and apart from are used about equally; in BrE, apart from is far more common.
在AmE ,词组除了除了大约同样使用;在是BRE ,除了更为常见。


19. I have played with many very good Chinese semi-pro since I c ame to China.
我曾经和许多优秀的中国半职业玩家进行过星际的切磋,我认为ag和 csa这两个战队中有许多优秀的玩家。

20. Since I c ame to visit from the country, I have not seen her close. Tell me, is she beau tiful?

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