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1. Some workshops have been discovered and closed down. Some illegal immigrants have been arrested and expelled.

2. Methods:196 consecutive closed Grade I open fracture of lower limb treated with external fixation, nickelclad and bolt or intramedullary rod fixation, major is femoral bone and fracture of fibula, 88 patients who smoked and 108 patients who did not smoke had followed to union and rehabilitate in the same condition.

3. The lubrication system can be either a closed system or be fed from the engine's oil supply.

4. 911查询·英语单词

4. Non-temporary Lantau closed ro ad permit can be renewed by post.
如欲邮递申请续非时大屿山封闭道许可证,请於现有的许可证届满日期前四个月内以挂号信寄香港钟道95 号

5. On the other hand, Pakistan's sister close by his father, the Palestinian anger can not be closed brown, chopped angrily to his father and seriously injured, and its de facto abolition Chai boyfriend alone.

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6. Highways in the area were closed due to heavy snow and icy conditions.

7. Incisions on the scalp often have to be closed up using metal clips.

8. Then in 1993, Congress closed all federal search outside civilized fund suddenly.

9. Integrated production of activated carbon was 3000 tons; mercury catalyst production using advanced vacuum adsorption, the main equipment has: Enamel Reactor Units 2, 4 sets of drying equipment, vacuum pump 4, a closed two screening machines, at an annual rate 1000 tons, our factory can be based on user specific requirements for processing operations.

10. The clinic closed its doors in Manitoba in January after the provincial health department abruptly changed its mind about allowing it to operate.

11. If the pericarp opens when ripe, the fruit is said to be DEHISCENT; if it remains closed, it is INDEHISCENT.


12. It is very important that all League of Legends programs are closed for this, or the files may be in use and unable to be deleted.

13. closed,

13. Quictness is not motionless or closed, it is unconventional and peaceful---thats why it forms kind of perfection regardless of modifications.

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14. The combination of fiber post and resin nucleus was beneficial for dental prosthetic restoration which was highly closed to original structure of natural teeth.

15. You are the Palace closed on a palace, but only because was born in troubled times, it is doomed to become a victim of the war era.

16. 911查询·英语单词

16. Rou Jia for the first time to see you, give me a tender and beautiful, beautiful feeling, like a peach, like so tender, pure, a small smile made people intoxicated, you will not always be strong to meet the difficulties, only when wind, frost, snow and rain, closed shame to spend months, omitted his own shadow.

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17. Atmospheric port remains closed by deflection of diaphragm seal.

18. Atmospheric ports remain closed by deflection of diaphragm seal.

19. I saw your closed eyes, beneath wisps of stray hair

20. closed,

20. The doors closed, lights flashed, and after a while the door opened and a beautiful young model stepped off the elevator.

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