三角木是什么意思 三角木在线翻译 三角木什么意

三角木是什么意思 三角木在线翻译 三角木什么意我爱读书

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1. 三角木

1. 温州市蒲州农场制钉加工厂是于1991年的成立的专业螺丝生产厂家,本厂现有国产台湾键财、顶太、益顶等机器七十余套,专业生产铁、不锈铁、不锈钢、自功螺丝、木螺丝、纤维板螺丝、墙板钉、机械螺丝、六角螺丝、三角螺丝、沉头螺丝、圆柱头螺丝、半圆螺丝、盘头螺丝、大扁头螺丝,马车螺丝、高低牙螺丝、内六角螺丝及专业生产锁具、合页、拉手及家庭装潢等配套螺丝并订做各种非标。
Founded in 1991, Wenzhou Puzhou Farm Nail Factory is a professional screw manufacturer. Now we have over 70 sets of machines from Taiwan Jiancai, Dingtai, Yiding, etc. Our main products include tapping screws, wood screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, machine screws, hex screws, tri-lobular thread screws, countersunk screws, cap screws, screws with half round head, pan head screws, truss head screws, carriage screws, high low screws, hex socket screws, locks, hinges, handles, and screws for home decoration, also non-standard parts as well. Materials: Iron, stainless iron, stainless steel.

2. 三角木

2. 圣徒若有所思地凝视着堰木支撑椽,于是,领事开始更衣,穿上半正式的晚礼服,宽松的黑裤子,擦得光亮的舰用靴,一件腰部和肘部膨起的白色丝绸上衣,浅黄腰带,黑色马甲,肩饰上有霸主绯红的斜条,还有一顶软软的金黄三角帽。
The Templar gazed thoughtfully at the weirwood rafters while the Consul dressed in semiformal evening wear of loose black trousers, polished ship boots, a white silk blouse which ballooned at waist and elbows, topaz collar cinch, black demi-coat complete with slashes of Hegemony crimson on the epaulets, and a soft gold tricorne.

3. 一个晴空万里的早晨,一位从台南企业文化艺术基金会来的志工阿姨为我们介绍了许多东西,有乌桕树、三角椰子、落羽松、猢狲木。。。
One sunny morning, a volunteer from Tainan Enterprise Culture and Arts Foundation introduced us many things. Such as Chinese tallow tree, coconut, the Southern cypress, the Baobabs......

4. 目前主要产品有:曲臂式手动,电动伸缩遮阳篷系列;轨道式电动天幕系列:展览活动折叠系列;太阳伞、豪华木伞、边吊伞系列;固定、活动法式球型、三角型、梯型、圆拱型篷系列;产品因设计造型新颖独特、选材精良、美观大方、质量可靠,而广泛应用于展览会、游乐园、别墅区、各类高档宾馆、餐厅、酒吧、咖啡厅、公寓、休闲度假旅游区、休闲广场、游泳池、海滨浴场、美食街、幼儿园、学校等户外临时活动以及酒店、公寓楼的阳台、露台、阳光屋等休闲场所。
Now the main products include:crank arm manual and electric flexible awing series; track type electric velarium series; exhibition folding series; sunshade, luxurious wood umbrella and side_hanging umbrellaseres; fixed and mobile French ball type, triangle type, trapezoid type and arch awnigns. The products have been widely used in exhibition, amusement park, villa area, various high level hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, apartments, holiday resorts, recreational plaza, swimming pools, bathing places, gourmet streets, kindergartens, schools, outdoor temporary activities as well as balconies, terraces and sun houses of hotels and apartment buildings as well as other leisure places etc. for their novel and unique design, well selected material, elegant profile and reliable quality.

5. 本厂经营各种木制品,可加工定制各种包装木箱、三角木、枕木、杉木板方、各种杂木托盘、桥架板、集装箱的加固木方,并常年批零、樟子松、落叶。。。
Operate a variety of wood products factory can process all kinds of custom wooden case, triangular wood, sleepers, fir board side, a variety of trees and foliage tray (also known as floor board, wood pallets), bridge board, container reinforced timber, and wholesale and retail year-round, pine, deciduous...

6. 二层多功能报告厅地面采用国产雪花青石材,墙面为吸音软木和樱桃木饰面板,天花为三角形网纹纯铝天花板,该多功能厅安装了目前全国最大的伸缩活动舞台。
In the multifunctional report room at the second floor, the ground is made of homebred snow-blue stone. The metope with cherry wood panel is made of cork which can absorb the sound. The ceiling is pure aluminium with triangle grid. And what's more, the biggest flexible stage in the country is now built in this room.

7. 腐木纤维、淤泥混合土是一类特殊混合软土,粤东沿海地区及珠三角地区高速公路软土地基中均有发现,工程中不可避免,国内也未见有系统的研究。
A systemic research of Decayed Wood and Silt Mixed Soil also is absent in recent years.

8. 三角木是什么意思

8. 沙发内架的木料采用天然实木,锯切加工后的天然木料经过高温杀虫、脱脂、干燥处理,含水量为12%-16%,经过刨光去掉表面裂痕,虫孔等不良品,所有重要接缝处用三角木加固,使得整个木架结构更加合理、牢固。
Wood frame sofa with natural wood, sawing wood processed at high temperatures of the natural insecticides, degreasing, drying, water content of 12%-16%, after polishing to remove surface cracks, worm holes and other undesirable materials, all major seams reinforced with wooden triangle, making a more rational structure of the wooden stand firmly.

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9. 观光木的花原基最初为近圆形,随着顶端分生组织的活动,花原基边缘处出现浅凹,形成第一轮花被片原基,此时,花原基呈三角形排列,后两轮花被片原基依次发生,与前一轮互生;在内轮花被片发生的后期,最初几枚雄蕊原基几乎同时出现,呈螺旋状向顶发生,最后排列成三角圆锥状;雄蕊原基发育后期,心皮原基开始发育,形状与发育初期的雄蕊原基相似,随后心皮原基进行侧向生长,在近轴面出现浅凹,进而发育为凹槽,形成腹缝线,最后腹缝线完全愈合。
The floral primordium is initially circular, along with the edge of which slight concaves occur. The outmost whorl of tepal primordia arises as a result of apical meristem division and the floral primordium then is in the shape of triangle. Two further whorls of tepal primordia arise in spiral acropetal sequence and are alternately arranged. When the innermost whorl of tepal primordia is at the late developmental stage, the foremost stamen primordia arise almost simultaneously in spiral acropetal succession and all of the stamen primordia are ultimately arranged in a triangle-cone form. Late in stamen primordium development, carpel primordia arise as same as the young stamen primordia and grow laterally. Grooves are present on the adaxial side of each carpel and develop into ventral sutures gradually closing up.

10. 三角木在线翻译

10. 样木定位新方法&三角定位法的研究
A New Method for Sample Tree Location ── Triangle location

11. 他的态度,使我们的友谊加大裂痕。)(wedge 本指三角木;这里意思是使裂痕变大。
His attitude has driven a wedge into our friendship.

12. 接合时,有时需辅助衬托,如三角木、连接木。
Bonding time, and sometimes need auxiliary background, such as triangular wood, wood connections.

13. 三角木的解释

13. 柜子超高时,后框至少有3对三角木加固。
Ultra-high cabinet, the post-box at least three pairs of triangular wooden reinforcement.

14. 在脚,柱子,立水,三角木等上钻孔要按设计规定钻。
Will be drilled at the angle specified by product Engineering.

15. 她的颈椎病犯了,她便请人特制了一个三角木架子,她坐在床上,把三角木架支在腿上,咬著牙关,一个字一个字地写,历经三个寒璁,终於完成了45万字的长篇小说《神州儿女》,後来她又反覆修改了三次,小说问世後,得到文坛和社会的好评。
Although she had stepped into the dusk of life and she was in poor health, she still continued to write day and night with unbelievable perseverance. Illnesses had brought her a lot of pain but she clenched her teeth and managed to complete her novel of over 450, 000 words, The Children of China. She even revised it three times following its first publication.

16. 三角木

16. 主要生产GB、JIS、DIN、ISO、ANSI等各类标准的不锈钢螺丝、墙板钉、机械螺丝、木螺丝、三角螺丝、组合螺丝、环保螺丝,亦可按客户要求生产各类非标准螺丝产品直径由M1-M8毫米长度由3-100毫米,日产量一千万粒以上,产品广泛用于玩具、家具、照相机、电脑、家用电器、钟表、眼镜等行业深受用户好评。
The main production GB, JIS, DIN, ISO, ANSI and other standards for stainless steel screws, wall pedantry screws, machine screws, wood screws, triangular screw, combined screws, environmental screws Can also be requested by customers produce various kinds of non-standard screws diameter by 1-8MM Product length 3-100 mm, More than 10 million per day of production, products widely used in toys, furniture, cameras, computers, home appliances, watches, glasses and Such Row by industries Praise.

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17. 瑞波比画著围绕在我们四周的山谷,指出这里虽然有许多三角叶杨零星散布,但眼前这簇幼木却是仅有的年轻树丛,拉马河谷其他地方都是「发族」级的树了。
Ripple gestures at the sprawling mountain valley around us and points out that although numerous other cottonwoods dot the landscape, this knot of saplings comprises the only young ones— the rest of this part of the Lamar is a geriatric ward for trees.

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