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1. CAU. An intelligent hub from IBM for Token Ring networks in conjunction with IBM LAN Network Manager software.
CAU。一种 IBM 智能集线器,应用于安装了 IBM LAN 网络管理器软件的令牌环网络。

2. Unlike older ring-based data networks such as token ring or FDDI, RPR uses a spatial reuse mechanism.

3. Shielded twisted pair is often used on networks using Token Ring topology.

4. Local ring networks (LRN) may be classified into six types of media access control protocols (MAC): token-passing ring, slotted ring, buffer-insertion ring, contention ring, circuit-switched ring, and photonic ring.

5. In this paper, two types of new prioritized token ring access protocols in local area, networks called R-PTR and WR-PTR are proposed, and their throughput-delay performance is evaluated through the theoretical analysis and simulation experiments.

6. The identifier is part of the 16-bit 802.1Q header, which is added to the MAC transmission frames used in Ethernet and token-ring networks.

7. Conducted high quality and timely nationwide networks projects by implementing wide area networks with a large number of mainframes interconnected, funds transfer and clearing center satellite network with a larger volume of PCs connected to central mainframes, nationwide AS/400 APPN networks with X.25 packet switch network, as well as IBM Token-Ring and Ethernet LAN networks.
实施多主机互连的广域网,大量PC与主机连接的资金传输和清算中心网,通过X.25包交换网连接全国AS400APPN网,以及IBM Token-Ring 和Ethernet局域网,完成了高质量,准时的全国范围的网络项目

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