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1. Jinju

1. Tianchang has a long history, far from the Han Dynasty 3, 000 years ago, is Jingxing Western political, economic and cultural center; Tianchang developed cultural, civil wide range of amateur performances, there is Jinju, Zhu Ma Zhu, Flower and Latin America, the fire agency, Drum, stilts, the dragon and lion dance, and so on, pull Zhuangwang selected flowers in the world intangible cultural heritage list, I longevity collection points, was named the Eighth Route Army and the longevity I memorial Jingxing Rural Wind Museum; Tianchang advanced education, there are ancient Hill College It is the birthplace of education in Jingxing, Tianchang is still the place to protect schools, the town is now a total of a high school, five secondary schools, 47 primary schools, the rate of students, school enrollment, retention of 100%.

2. Jinju

2. Xianfeng of the Qing Dynasty, Tongzhi years, the opera plays in Xinzhou, the Datong area of the establishment of universal social class, inviting Puju, Jinju Shidonglayue artists in the stack to come after me to teach drama.

3. Zhang Jianguo fame, the obsession hometown situation, he repeatedly Jinju to perform for the fellow.

4. In addition, regardless of older estates are best placed Jinju, four orange and tangerine these Zhu Sha Peter Branch plant, such plant breeding oil profuse son can contain bacteria, effective prevention Meibian prevent influenza, and smells fresh.

5. Jinju official umbrella of the role of male officials in the Qing Dynasty loaded, wearing robe and mandarin jacket, wearing cap, waist line stays package (also available with a modern clown costumes).

6. Jinju There are many well-known actors, such as red: Ding Guo-xian, WU Zhong, Ma Yu-lou, Xie Tao; Black: Feng Jizhong, Qiao Rui; Sheng: Guo Caiping; Dan: Wang Ai-ai, Li Gui-lian; Chou: Yang bu-Yun, Liang-wei.

7. Construction of more than 10 years, is the industry's Hebei Province, Jinju cap a branch of enterprises.

8. Was founded in 2004, is located in China's largest building materials production base - Hebei Jinju, covering over 20, 000 square meters, 165 employees, 29 engineering and technical personnel.
隔音 河北阿美斯壮矿棉板业有限公司始建于2004年,位于中国最大的建材生产基地——河北晋州,占地20000多平米,员工165名,工程技术人员29名。

9. Jinju在线翻译

9. Is located in the town of Jinju Huaishu economic development.

10. JinJu formerly named, shanxi road, both in shanbei wooden in late qing dynasty.

11. In order to cultivate talents for JinJu drama, her first XiJiao in taiyuan city, she not only pay, still unselfishly contributed a pay his drama box, for children rehearse. In 1959, after joining in her first made a million dues'.

12. Jinju在线翻译

12. Tang implement Road, House, state and county system, the AD618 years (the early years of Wude) to Jinju.

13. Among the Han Chinese of Inner Mongolia, Jinju or Shanxi Opera is a popular traditional form of entertainment.

14. Jinju是什么意思

14. JinJu, kunqu opera; he can, take out a few decent play.

15. Among them, Jinju or named Zhonglu Bangzi, is the representation of opera in Shanxi.

16. According to the records we can see that Datong area of origin as the North and Bangzi Puju, Jinju of the relationship.

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